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Medical Tattooing

Medical tattooing improves one's quality of life by addressing problems that arise from illness such as cancer, surgery, accidents, birth defects, hair loss and scars.  Unfortunately, many people who want to remedy these problems or make them less noticeable were unaware that something could be done until now. Marie specializes in 3-D Nipple/Areola Complex Tattooing  (Bilateral and Unilateral Mastectomy) and has trained many medical professionals in the art of creating natural looking breasts. Skin Camouflage lessens the appearance of scars from cosmetic surgical scarring (breast reduction, face lifts), burns or accidents. Scalp Tattooing / Hair Follicle Replication lessens the appearance of scars on the scalp and is a great solution for men or women who experience hair  loss or suffer from thinning hair or are completely bald.

Breast Tattooing (3-D Nipple & Areola Tattooing)

  • Creating a 3-D nipple and areola after breast mastectomy or reconstruction

  • Reshaping the areola to create symmetry

  • Camouflage breast reduction or surgical scars

  • Darken the areola when the pigment color is absent or too light​​​​​​​






Scalp Tattooing / Scalp Micropigmentation Procedure (SMP) is essentially the process of having your scalp tattooed to fill in bare spots and is an immediate solution to hair loss and there’s no invasive surgery, no scarring and no down time. Scalp tattooing can help women whose hair is thinning as well as help men that are totally bald by giving the appearance of some hair and the approximation of a hairline, albeit just a stubbly one. Scalp tattooing can also camouflage scars on the scalp or shade areas where hair is thinning (see below pictures) to make hair appear denser. Scalp Micropigmentation provides amazing results and helps restore confidence in men and women who are struggling with thinning hair.


Patients benefit from Scalp Tattooing for a wide range of imperfections, including:

  • Alopecia (hair Loss) Camouflage the symptoms of all levels of alopecia

  • Before or after having chemotherapy

  • Bald patches

  • Areas that did not take after hair transplant or plugs

  • Camouflage scars resulting from previous hair transplant surgery

  • Can hide scars, burns and even birthmarks

  • Can simulate a full-front, side and/or rear hairline for men that are totally bald

Skin Camouflage / Scar Color - Skin color loss (de-pigmentation) can occur for many reasons such as trauma from burns or accidents, scars left from any type of surgery or different types of skin diseases. Skin camouflage tattooing can correct or improve the appearance of many types of scars and skin abnormalities. Skin Camouflage Medical tattooing can correct these scars to make them less noticeable.  


Patients can benefit from medical tattooing for the following:


  • Vitiligo – skin color replacement due to loss of pigment (Must be inactive)

  • Burns

  • Scar correction from injury 

  • Scar correction from surgery such as facelift scars

  • Tattoos to Help Burn Victims Reduce Visibility of Scars

  • Areas that have Hypopigmentation (light areas of skin)

Cleft Lip Repair (or uneven lips):   We realize that living with scars or uneven lips can be difficult as they are often noticed quickly by others.  As you can see in the below pictures, medical tattooing is a great option to balance the shape of the lips and also hide surgical scars as a result of cleft lip surgery.

Vitiligo - skin color relacemet
Breast Tattooing - 3D Nipple & Areola by
Breast Tattooing (3-D Nipple & Areola Tattooing)
Breast Tattooing (3-D Nipple & Areola Tattooing)
Breast Tattooing - 3D Nipple & Areola Tattooing
Cleft Lip Repair
Uneven Lip Repai
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